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  • Have tried everything before.


Are You Ready For A RADICALLY DIFFERENT APPROACH For Making 6 Figures Plus Online...
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Let's get a few things straight from the beginning...

  • This is not some whiz-bang new fangled software that does nothing
  • This is not some affiliate marketing "loophole"
  • This is not some sneaky list building scam
  • This is not some black hat/white hat SEO technique
  • Or pretty much anything else you've probably tried before.

This is a real business opportunity you can grab right now with both hands to see your first 6 figure online income from one simple website.

You've Come To The Right Place If:

YOU are Overwhelmed and frustrated with trying to make money online

YOU have yet to hit your first $10,000 month

YOU want a simple step by step system that generates a stable/dependable cash flow-mostly on autopilot-once you have it set up.

YOU want to get your hands on 6 figure income generating knowledge for a fraction of the investment others are making.

YOU want to see the faces on your friends when you make more in a week-than they make in a year.

YOU want to finally tap into your true talents and harness them to get the recognition, respect and rewards you deserve.

YOU want to buy things you always wanted, do things you always dreamed of, and visit places you always thought about.

Here Are Just Some Of My Success Stories
From Complete Newbies Who Have Found Highly Profitable Niches They Love Working In:

From: The desk of James Francis,
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.

Dear friend,

If you'd like to finally get your hands on an easy to follow, proven system for generating a six figure income every year from one simple website in any niche... then this page will show you how.

If you decide this is right for you... You need to jump on this opportunity immediately.

Because I'll only be opening this offer to a small group of people. That way I can provide full support and ensure you get the right direction to succeed.

Now, before we go any further though...

Let me reveal...

"The Reason Why 93% Of People Are
Failing Miserably Online"

FACT: It's no secret that most people who start an online business fail and go back to doing what they were doing before.

If you're in a job you hate right now and have a lack of cash in your life - and no prospects of your situation improving - failing is not really an option right?

Here's how you can avoid the trap most people fall into that creates that failure.

You simply find the right niche for you.

A niche that you love or have an interest in... and one that is of course - highly profitable.

Without those 2 critical elements in place, you are doomed to failure.

Most people just get one of these things right...

... in other words... they either pick a profitable niche but have no real interest in it and no results... and end up giving up.

... Or they pick a niche they love-but with no money in it. And they give up.

I can show how to get both critical parts right... in other words... to pick a niche you love that is also highly profitable.

Why It's So Important To Be In A Niche You Have
A Passion / Interest In

... The way things are being sold online is changing.

People are looking for more transparency. They want to see the person behind the product.

They want to resonate with that person.

People will pick up on whether you have an interest in your niche or not - or if you're just there to take their money.

Also, if you have no interest in what you are doing, you will eventually call it a day and trail off... give up... and go back to doing your previous job.

It doesn't have to be like that though.

I guarantee you this...

You Have A Highly Profitable Online Business Locked Up Inside You... Let Me Show You How To Set It Free...

In my experience - everyone without exception has a profitable online business they could start in a niche that is just perfect for them.

You are no different.

I guarantee you there is some knowledge, experience or talent you have that people are willing to pay money for.

In 5 minutes flat - you can discover the ideal niche you can make money in and have a blast doing it.

Even if you feel you have nothing to offer, I guarantee you this is not the case... and can show you how to leverage other people's experience to make a six figure income online.

My Journey And How It Can Help
You Succeed

7 years ago I discovered internet marketing and was hooked. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

At the time I was earning minimum wage in a low priced supermarket called Morrisons... Stacking shelves from dusk till dawn.

'Morrisons Supermarket' - where I worked for minimum wage
before internet marketing.

Ever hated your job with a passion and felt desperate for a way out?

The thought of making money from home, having no boss, no limit on my income potential, and the freedom to do what I wanted when I wanted was very attractive.

Maybe these benefits have brought you here too.

The only trouble for me was... the whole process of making money online was confusing as hell.

One person was talking about affiliate marketing, another about list building another about SEO. There was so much to learn and I felt completely overwhelmed. Maybe you do too?

There were many hard years of struggle trying to find something that worked. Bills mounted up and the stress and frustration were crippling sometimes.

Eventually it finally came together for me.

Long story short...

After 2 Years Of Painful Trial And Error And Over
$50k Plus Invested In Various Courses, Programs
And Marketing... I Finally Found A Niche I Loved
That I Could Make Money IN

My online business finally started to make money...

From Zero To $1,000 In Just 4 Weeks...

To This...

Then To This...

Here's What I Discovered That Finally
Created Online Success

After years of experimenting, testing, trial, error and failure...and over 50k spent on training and mentoring...I realised that all I needed was one simple 3 page website in a niche I was passionate about to make money.

My audience started to resonate with me. People could feel the enthusiasm I had for the niche and it was infectious.

From this one website, I could easily scale up to six figures and beyond every year... and repeat the process in multiple different niches I found later on.

It All Boils Down To This...

Finding a niche you resonate with and enjoy working in is the basis of your online business success. From there, it's easy to fast track your way to a six figure online business.

Recently I wanted to share everything I have learned on my journey building this 6 figure business.

Follow me step by step and it will lead you to a highly profitable six figure online business too.

Interested? Well you're going to love this...


Six Figure Shortcut

A radically different system for reaching 6 figures and beyond online.

Six Figure Shortcut is completely different to anything you have tried before online, because it's incredibly simple and takes you step by step through everything you need to do to start seeing a 6 figure income in your bank account every month from a niche you love.

"This Is The Fastest Way To A Sure-Fire
Six Figure Business"

Absolutely Nothing Is Held Back.
No Stone Left Unturned...

It's divided into 20 easy to follow videos... Simply watch over my shoulder and do what I do.

You can't mess this up if you tried.

'This is my complete business - from niche selection
to making a six figure income online'

You can watch over my shoulder as I walk you through every single aspect of what makes up a real six figure online business.

Let me lay it out for you...

Video 1: The Ultimate Profitable Niche Finder (Value $17)

Inside this video you will discover how to pick the perfect niche for YOU to maximise your profits online. You'll discover:

  • 5 simple questions to ask yourself so you will find the most profitable niche for you.
  • How to know instantly if the niche you're going into is profitable... Without this strategy, most newbies get this wrong and end up flat broke.

Video 2: The 6 Figure Foundation (Value $14)

Inside this video we lay the foundation for your 6 six figure business. Just do this once and you are set for life.

It will only take you a few hours to implement the steps in this section but you will be profiting and barely lifting a finger afterwards for years to come.

Video 3: How To Create A Customer Money Magnet (Value $17)

In this section you will discover what you need to do to start attracting customers into your sales funnel.

Most marketers get this completely wrong and end up losing their shirt.

I will show you exactly what you need to do to create a rabid group of buyers who are starving for your offer.

Video 4: Creating A Profitable Email List (Value $27)

You've probably heard the phrase, "the money is in the list!" before, right? Well it's true!

In this section, you'll discover everything you need to know about creating a profitable email list of loyal customers that will open, click through and buy your offers on demand - without being spammy, hypey or "salesy".

Using these strategies, you'll be profiting at least $0.50 per subscriber per month, so how big will you build YOUR list?

Video 5: Killer Follow-Up Sequence (Value $23)

Inside this video you will discover exactly how to follow up with your prospects for explosive profits.

You'll get cutting edge information in the psychology of what makes people buy... and avoid the number one mistake marketers make when following up with their customers that kills any chance of profiting stone dead.

Video 6: Capture Page Cash Vault (Value $17)

Get instant access here to my most profitable squeeze page that out-performs all others, created from over 7 years of testing, tweaking and improving.

This capture page design works in any niche and will get more paying customers to your list than any of your competitors.

Video 7: Rapid Product Creations (Value $28)

Product creation does not need to be a long, lengthy process. You'll discover quick and easy ways to create products in a fraction of time it takes most people.

You'll get 4 different product creation ideas inside this video to create your own best-selling product within 24 hours or less.

Video 8: Selling Your Profitable Offer (Value $17)

Want to be seen as the trusted authority figure and celebrity in your niche?

Absolutely everything is covered here on how to get your customers buying your products and start seeing cash immediately.

Video 9: Your Next Profitable Steps (Value $18)

A newbie's biggest barrier to their success is overwhelm. Maybe you can relate?

So to remove all traces of overwhelm whatsoever, this video reveals how the pieces fit together in the system so far, and also HOW we send traffic to your sales funnel so we can start making money!

Video 10: Cash Traffic Machine (Value $19)

Inside this video I reveal my most profitable traffic strategy, which requires no existing online presence or pandering to JV partners and works even if you're a complete beginner.

This exact same strategy is generating me $40-60k every month, and making me sales right now as you're reading this page.

You'll see how to turn on the traffic stream and start making sales today, all shown live on screen in a "do this, then do that" style.

Video 11: Alternative Traffic Cash Machine (Value $18)

Discover my top 3 alternative traffic strategies for building your six figure online business.

These traffic strategies are 100% FREE to use for those people on a tight budget, and get incredible results.

Anybody can use these little-known strategies to gain instant authority status, make sales and increase your exposure - while helping people solve their problems.

Video 12: Communication For Cash (Value $15)

This is a big one! Here's just a sample of what you'll discover...

  • How to communicate with your new audience so you maximize your profits from them.
  • Exactly when they should start receiving follow up emails.
  • How to get the 'know like and trust' factor that generates sales.
  • How to write in your own voice - creating more trust and generating more sales.
  • Exactly how often you should be selling to your list.
  • What to say in your emails to get cash coming in quickly.

Video 13: My Profit Bridge System (Value $17)

This video reveals how to take your relationship with your customers to a whole new level to create even more sales.

You will discover:

  • Customer retention secrets
  • What kind of content you need to put out to captivate people
  • The truth about expert status and how you can leverage it to maximize your results

Video 14: Tweaking Your Business For Explosive Profits (Value $17)

Inside this video I reveal my simple tweaking techniques for creative dramatic improvements in your online business.

You'll be shocked at how these small tweaks can create massive surges in your profits!

Video 15: Final Step Towards Your Profitable Business (Value $18)

Inside this video you'll discover:

  • How to create a reliable income stream you can depend on, month after month
  • How to bring everything together

Video 16: Sales Funnel Expansion Blueprint (Value $14)

  • How to go from selling one product to making even more money selling helpful upgrades.
  • How to create "better" and "faster" upgrades.
  • Why you absolutely need to have upsells and downsells.
  • How to do downsells the right way (without screwing people over!) for bigger profits.
  • 6 upsell ideas for multiplying the kind of cash you make in your business.

Video 17: Tweaking Tricks For Explosive Profits (Value $17)

Can you imagine what it would be like to wake up in the morning and see sales waiting for you in your account? That's exactly what happens when you follow this strategy correctly!

You'll discover how to add 'continuity offers' to your business so you create a higher level of stable income.

Video 18: Sales Funnel Expansion Blueprint 2 (Value $12)

How to add a premium product to the end of your sales funnel to multiply your income.

I'll show you how to make thousands rather than hundreds of dollars from certain people that come through your funnel - while making your customers even happier!

Video 19: Profits Clarification (Value $23)

To continue avoiding overwhelm, we re-cap here how everything fits together in your sales funnel to grow your profits.

This way, you can check off what you've done so far and see exactly which points in your sales funnel are getting the most sales.

Video 20: Cash Scaling Up (Value $18)

You now have a $10,000k a month income online.

Now you get my final words on how to make more money by working fewer hours.

Here you will discover:

  • Outsourcing secrets of the super wealthy online
  • How to work smarter and not harder
  • How to avoid income drop offs
  • The vital importance of networking for growing your profits
  • And more!

Avoid Years Of Hard Work, Overwhelm And Frustration And Get A 6 Figure Income... Starting Today

Six Figure Shortcut is the culmination of 7 years of hard work, testing, experimenting, failing (a lot) and finally succeeding.

Blood, sweat and tears have literally been poured into the product-and you can take advantage of that right now to save yourself all the hard work and effort that I put in.

Simply follow the videos along in sequence (no skipping) and you will get the same results as me.

It's inevitable.

I will hold you by the hand every step of the way.

You will never be left wondering what to do next.

You Won't Need Any More Online Marketing Courses

Absolutely nothing is held back in Six Figure Shortcut. No stone is left unturned. You will never be left scratching your head wondering what your next step is.

You will not have to jump to another course or find out more information to fill in the gaps. Everything you need to live a high income lifestyle is at your finger tips.

Follow exactly what I do and you will get that six figure income this year.

A Simple No-Sweat Solution Anyone Can Follow -
No Matter What Your Experience, Education,
Background Or Skill Level

As long as you can switch on a computer and click play on one of my videos you are more than qualified to make money with this system.

All you need to do is follow along with any one of my videos and complete the steps... Your success is then inevitable.

What Your Life Could Look Like With A
Six Figure Income:

Once you have gone through the Six Figure Shortcut videos you should be well on track for bringing in a six figure salary that grows month on month.

What kind of lifestyle would that kind of income deliver?


  • YOU finally make day job killing income and can walk away from your boss, crappy job and work when you want for as long as you want.
  • YOU like showing those around you the kind of success you have achieved.
  • YOU have more cash coming in than you know what to do with.
  • YOU are living life on your terms while other people are struggling - working their fingers to the bone.
  • YOU are finally getting the recognition and respect you deserve in return for delivering amazing quality to the world and helping people.
  • YOU get to go to those places you always wanted to but couldn't afford to before.

Warning! You May Not Be Ready For This...

If you're the kind of person who likes to constantly move from one program to another and never finishes anything... This is not right for you.

It's possible you may not be ready to run a serious business online that generates six figures and more every year and is growing all the time. If you're not ready... that's fine. Simply click off this page now and we can perhaps talk another time.

How Much?

The information you're about to get access to has cost me over $50k to put together over 7 years.

And that just covers all the money I spent on coaches, courses, traffic, testing, tweaking and failing time and time again. I spent thousands on exploring different strategies, and searching for something that could finally work.

Given the investment of time and cash that has gone into the Six Figure Shortcut system, I could easily charge $2000 here today and it would be a steal at the price.

But don't worry; you don't need to pay that.

This product was not created for people who are on six figure incomes already that can easily afford $2000 and more for a single product.

It was purposely designed to help people who are still struggling to make it online.

Because I spent many years in that struggle. I feel this product is like me coming full circle and it has given me a chance to really give back.

Before we get to the price here, let's take a look at the bonuses you get if you take action today.

Fast Action Bonus No. 1

Subscriber Capture Blueprint ($47 Value)

Get my proven-to-convert squeeze page formulae for capturing premium subscribers in your chosen niche.

I've tested out over one hundred different squeeze page formats and this is without doubt the most effective for bringing a hoard of rapid buyers into your subscriber list. Guaranteed to convert.

Fast Action Bonus No. 2

Top 15 Split Test Results ($27 Value)

These are the simple webpage tweaks I have used in my own personal business to see dramatic improvements on all my websites.

My blue chip coaching clients have also had massive success with them.

These bonuses are yours for free when you download Six Figure Shortcut today.

Let's Take A Quick Re-Cap Of The
Life Changing Value You're Getting With
Six Figure Shortcut.

  • Video 1: The Ultimate Profitable Niche Finder (value $17)
  • Video 2: The 6 Figure Foundation (Value $14)
  • Video 3: How To Create A Customer Money Magnet (Value $17)
  • Video 4: Creating A Profitable Email List (Value $27)
  • Video 5: Killer Follow-Up Sequence (Value $23)
  • Video 6: Capture Page Cash Vault (Value $17)
  • Video 7: Rapid Product Creations (Value $28)
  • Video 8: Selling Your Profitable Offer (Value $17)
  • Video 9: Your Next Profitable Steps (Value $18)
  • Video 10: Cash Traffic Machine (Value $19)
  • Video 11: Alternative Traffic Cash Machine (Value $18)
  • Video 12: Communication For Cash (Value $15)
  • Video 13: My Profit Bridge System (Value $17)
  • Video 14: Tweaking Your Business For Explosive Profits (Value $17)
  • Video 15: Final Step Towards Your Profitable Business (Value $18)
  • Video 16: Sales Funnel Expansion Blueprint (Value $14)
  • Video 17: Tweaking Tricks For Explosive Profits (Value $17)
  • Video 18: Sales Funnel Expansion Blueprint 2 (Value $12)
  • Video 19: Profits Clarification (Value $23)
  • Video 20: Cash Scaling Up (Value $18)

Total Value $366!

Act Fast And Get These
Bonuses Absolutely Free:

  • Subscriber Capturer Blueprint (Value $47)
  • Top 15 Split Test Results (Value $27)

Combined Total Value $442!

Here's The Deal:

Investing $442 is a drop in the ocean compared to what Six Figure Shortcut is really worth.

Inside this system you get the exact same knowledge that I use with my platinum coaching clients to make massive improvements on their websites for massive profits.

And let's face it, $442 is not even the price of cheap holiday or car these days.

You don't have to pay $442 today though.

Act now and get Six Figure Shortcut for just $27.

That's right - just one payment of $27.

That's a fraction of the price other people are paying for this kind of life changing information.

Why It's Just $27

I wanted to make this an absolute no-brainer decision for someone looking for a proven step-by-step system to making a six figure income online... starting today.

I want to leave it at $27 for as long as possible until the volume of customers I am dealing with, simply forces me to raise the price - which is going to happen VERY SOON.

Plus I didn't spend a stack of cash on production here. This course was designed with one thing only in mind - to give you a no-nonsense roadmap to follow to generate a rapid online 6 figure income using one website. You can see your first payments coming through in just days from now.

This course is the result of years of hard work and effort... gathering together everything that works and discarding everything that does not work - so you don't have to spend years working everything out for yourself.

Like I said before... I've been where you are now... Struggling to get by and to provide for myself and family. This course is designed for someone who simply wants to break through to the six figure income level online. Someone like you.

Hit the "add to cart" button below right now and lock in the super low price of $27 before I need to raise it.

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100% Risk Free

Double Your Money Back
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Take Six Figure Shortcut for a test drive for 365 FULL DAYS right now, completely risk free. Download Six Figure Shortcut today and if for any reason whatsoever in the next year you are unhappy with the program... If you don't like the content... If you don't think it's incredibly powerful... If you are not convinced it's the best product you have ever bought... even if you don't like my voice or the graphics... simply contact me at for a full no-questions-asked refund.

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Can I Be Very Direct With You For A Second?

If you keep doing the same thing, nothing will change. In fact you will get more of the same. If you're in job you hate, failing online, and not making any money - guess what?

You will just continue to get more of the same.

You could also to go it alone. Try to figure everything out yourself. That may work, but why spend the months and years trying, and always living with the uncertainty that you are not doing it right...

There is a better way. Why not take a risk free decision and bypass all the failure, and heartache and testing and experimenting online.

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Follow a proven system for making money online. A simple fool proof way to make $10k a month in just weeks from now.

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My free gift for you today is 100% honesty.

You deserve it.

Let me ask you this...

  • You want a day job killing online income right?
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James Francis.